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Win FREE Alice in Wonderland DVD by Sending “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast” by June 3!

Published on: 28th May, 2010

This Alice In Wonderland DVD can be YOURS if you submit the WINNING essay by June 3, 2010!

To celebrate the June 1, 2010 release of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” DVD from Disney, and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment are hosting an exciting contest for kids!

Here is Perry Chen’s 4.5 starfish review of this “Perrific!” movie:

Here are the contest rules:

1. Submit a short essay of your “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast” by midnight on June 3, 2010 using “Sign Up” page on this website: or by email to perryspreviews @ gmail dot com

2. Children 15 or younger are eligible, essay must be written by the CHILD. Parents are encouraged to have discussions, but cannot write for their children.

3. Please include the following info:

-name of the child


-city (anywhere)

-parent’s email address

-how you hear about this contest

(this website, twitter, facebook, Linkedin, friends, etc.)

4. The winner’s name will be announced on June 4 on  The winner will be notified by email and receive the FREE Alice in Wonderland DVD in the mail, provided by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.


“Perry Chen’s Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast” :

1. A fire breathing octopus

2. A fish in an “out-of-water” suit on land

3. A bear living on the moon (the Moon Bear, I made a fairytale about it!)

4. People stop being greedy and driven by a desire for power, instead driven by SELF MOTIVATION

5. Every child in the world gets good education, so they can change the world in a positive way

6. Finally, my animation short “Beyond the Forest” about the Holocaust through the eyes of a young girl gets nominated and wins the Golden Globe, Annie awards for animation, and Oscar! (press release)

Copyright 2010 by Perry S. Chen


For more ideas, check out this feature about Alice in Wonderland’s screenwriter Linda Woolverton:


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