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Recommending New Media Rights, an INVALUABLE non-profit resource for aritists, filmmakers in the digital media

Published on: 6th May, 2010

Art Neill (New Media Rights), Perry & Zhu@ Oceans press screening 4-21-10

By Zhu Shen, Ph.D., MBA

Executive Producer, “Beyond the Forest” -An Animation Short about the Holocaust by Perry Chen & Oscar-nominee Bill Plympton

Executive Producer, wsRadio “Perry Previews the Movies”


Perry & I recently met Art Neill, attorney and co-founder of New Media Rights (NMR),  website, a non-profit organization in San Diego that provides pro bono legal resources and its free media studio to creators – artists, filmmakers, podcasters, citizen journalists, bloggers, open source software projects, as well as nonprofits.  Art and Perry both appeared at the Art Rocks! Radio show at wsRadio in late March before Perry was to co-host the San Diego IndieFest.  Art is friendly, with an easy smile and kindness that disarms you the moment he talks to you.

I visited Art’s office @ NMR in Hillcrest area in April where he spent 2 hrs with me to discuss various legal issues and resources:

New Media Rights
3100 5th Ave., Suite B
San Diego, CA 92103

619-591-8870 (O)

I was amazed by the knowledge and extensive resources that Art was able to provide on the spot, from referrals to other legal experts who specialize in the entertainment law, colleges that have good animation programs and tools, to the entrepreneurship clinic at USD that provides free legal service to entrepreneurs!  Art also gave me great advice for what to watch out for in reviewing agreements for Perry.  He was making notes on his computer and finding website links and contacts as we discussed a host of legal issues.  By the time I got home, I already received a detailed email from Art with all the resources and referrals that we discussed!  I was blown away and became an instant fan and advocate for Art and New Media Rights!

Through Art’s referral, I was able to quickly connect to a Hollywood talent agency that is enthusiastic about representing Perry that we met on May 1.  Many other valuable referrals came through Art that we are in discussion with now about various projects that Perry and I are pursuing.  In addition, NMR has a professional film studio equipped with high-end camera that can be used by local artists for various creative projects, all for FREE!

I never knew there are such wonderful non-profit organizations like NMR that exist locally for artists. NMR gets grants and donations from those who are able to help and those who benefit from their wonderful services.  Just like the NPR (national public radio) model, people who benefit from the program donate $ to keep it thriving and providing even better info and services.

Perry and I invited Art and his girlfriend to attend the DisneyNature’s Oceans press screening with us on April 21, we had a “Perrific” time together!

We highly recommend Art Neill and New Media Rights to the creative community in San Diego. Check out their website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel and recommend them to those you know who could benefit from their wonderful services!  And when you are able, become a donor to this “Perrific” non-profit organization!

NMR social media:



Contact Us

New Media Rights is an organization dedicated to providing assistance regarding new media, technology, and the laws surrounding the Internet and intellectual property. If you have a digital rights issue or question regarding your rights on the Internet, contact us for help today! (including copyright, trademark, licensing, as well as issues regarding online speech and social media services) is a community dedicated to an open discussion of technology, creativity, and the law where all are welcomed to comment and participate.

NMR is a diverse community of creators, nonprofits, and attorneys dedicated to an open and free Internet.  We offer

  • freely available copyright, licensing, trademark, and other legal expertise
  • public interest advocacy before federal regulatory agencies (Copyright, USPTO)
  • a free media studio for citizen creators and nonprofits of all types
  • technological know-how and assistance

NMR protects and fosters citizen-created, grassroots content and media on the Internet.

NMR seeks to help creators understand the legal uses of content (fair use, parody, mash-ups, sampling, re-mixing, etc) and facilitate the creation of new and exciting content that is not currently supported/funded by mainstream business models.

NMR seeks to encourage widespread adoption of open-source creative tools and new media distribution alternatives, while helping consumer/creators (now one in the same) understand their legal rights online.

NMR believes no one should hold a monopoly over creativity, and seeks to encourage a vibrant, citizen created grassroots, non-hierarchical creative community that provides alternatives to traditional media. Over time the use of creative commons and other open source type licensing will result in a more robust public domain.

Our philosophy is to listen carefully to the needs of those we serve, and shape our services and advocacy accordingly.

New Media Rights (NMR) is affiliated with the non-profit Utility Consumers’ Action Network and a partner with Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet Society in the Online Media Legal Network

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