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Press Release: Youngest member of AAJA Perry Chen runs for AAJA Men of Broadcast calendar

Published on: 8th April, 2011

Perry Chen with Connie Chung@ AAJA convention opening night, Aug 2010 (photo by Zhu Shen)

Press Release: Youngest member of AAJA Perry Chen runs for AAJA Men of Broadcast calendar

March 31, 2011

For Immediate Release

The youngest AAJA (Asian American Journalists Association) member, Perry Chen, a 5th-grade elementary school student and award-winning child film critic and radio talk show host on wsRadio ( is running for AAJA Men of Broadcast Calendar.  AAJA is promoting Asian-American men to potential employers and the general public in TV and radio through a fund-raising calendar. The top 12 vote-getters (out of over 40 competitors) will appear in the calendar in each of the 12 months.

Perry Chen is among the long list of accomplished men and the youngest at that. In fact, Perry is the youngest AAJA member in history when he joined at 9, and youngest winner of San Diego Press Club excellence in journalism awards in October 2010. His work, accomplishments, and influence shows that even at a young age, you can make a difference. Each vote is $1 to help AAJA fund-raising, voting ends April 10, 2011.

Vote for Perry Chen now:

Perry Chen with media panelist CNN's Victor Hernanadez @ AAJA convention (photo by Zhu Shen)

“I attended AAJA convention in Aug 2010 with my mom for the first time after becoming a member in January 2010 when I was in 4th grade,” said Perry Chen. “I met so many AAJA veterans including Connie Chung there.  I’m so happy to find a ‘Perrific!’ mentor, Robert Santos, ABC 10News anchor and weatherman from San Diego, who has recently given me great tips about broadcast journalism.  I have a lot to learn from other AAJA members as I only started reviewing movies on TV and radio in 2009, and writing movie reviews in 2008.”

Perry Chen & Vickie An of Time for Kids @ AAJA Convention (photo by Zhu Shen)

Perry Chen & his AAJA mentor Robert Santos, ABC10News anchor, with Perry's San Diego Union Tribune feature (photo by Zhu Shen)

“Being the youngest member of AAJA and San Diego Press Club, I want to show other kids and teens that you are never too young to start pursuing your dream and passion,” added Perry. “Thank you for voting for me and voting for the future of broadcast journalism! Voters for me can contact me on Facebook Fan Page

and be eligible to win my drawings or be invited to a screening of my new animation short ‘Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest’ about a young Holocaust survivor at upcoming film festivals.”

About Perry Chen – Gifted with a keen eye from a young age, Perry began writing movie reviews for his website “Perry’s Previews” at age 8. Characterized by his starfish rating system, his “Perrific™” favorite movies, and his family-friendly movie choices, Perry is often regarded as one of the great up-and-coming movie critics. The youngest honoree at the recent San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism Awards, Perry also serves as

-resident movie critic for the Amazing Kids! Magazine (,

-film critic and blogger on Animation World Network, a leading professional animation industry publication:

– movie panelist for the San Diego Union Tribune with over a million weekly readers:

– San Diego Entertainer Magazine’s youngest columnist and entertainment critic, reviewing films, restaurants, and entertainment events:

– Leading internet talk radio, wsRadio’s talk show host of “Perry Previews the Movies:”

Perry has been featured in numerous publications and television interviews, including a recent article in Variety, which spotlighted the top 3 up-and-coming young movie reviewers:

(Variety: Kid Crix Grade Pix through Different Eyes, Oct 22, 2010)

and The Young Icons, a nationally-syndicated TV show.  In May 2009, Perry made his national television debut on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, and in March 2010, he appeared in his first national radio interview on National Public Radio (NPR) with host Liane Hansen. Perry’s hobbies outside of film reviews include drawing, reading, folding origami, exploring nature, and gardening. Perry is represented by Rebel Entertainment Partners, a talent agency in Hollywood; and Shamon Freitas Agency in San Diego.

Perry’s talents extend to filmmaking and animation. He recently finished two animation shorts in collaboration with twice-Oscar nominee Bill Plympton:  “Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest” about a young Holocaust survivor” which will be screened at the Burbank International Film Festival, and “Guard Dog Global Jam,” which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in March 2011 to rave reviews.

For Perry Chen’s movie reviews, film project updates, visit:

Vote for Perry Chen now:

Become a fan on Facebook:

About AAJA:

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) was founded in 1981 by a few Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) journalists who felt a need to support one another and to encourage more Asian American and Pacific Islanders to pursue journalism at a time when there were few Asian American and Pacific Islander faces in the media. AAJA’s expansion into a truly national organization took off in 1985 with the formation of additional chapters.

As a non-profit educational organization with more than 1,400 members in 21 chapters across the U.S. and Asia, AAJA’s largest membership bases are generally concentrated in metropolitan areas on the West Coast (Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle), East Coast (New York City and Washington, D.C.) and Mid-West (Chicago). Members are also organized in other areas throughout the U.S. (Arizona, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, Minnesota, New England, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Portland, Sacramento, Texas, and San Diego).

In addition, AAJA has a growing number of members working throughout Asia, which underscores the rapid growth of media properties in Asia. Close to one-third of AAJA’s members are students, attesting to the organization’s emphasis on bringing young people into the news business. AAJA has also relied on leadership in the community and Asian-language media.

AAJA is proud to include among its members some of the top journalists in the country, from network news anchors and reporters to Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, editors and photographers, to national radio show producers and major magazine editors.

In 1995, AAJA was honored with the Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism by the University of Missouri for its contributions to the industry.

For information about Perry Chen, media & business inquiries, contact:

Zhu Shen,

CEO, Perry’s Previews

Co-producer, “Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest,”

email: bioforesight at gmail dot com



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