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Published on: 18th February, 2011

Biography of Zhu Shen, Ph.D. & MBA, CEO,BioForesight

CEO, Perry’s Previews & Executive Producer, Co-Producer of Perry Chen’s Animation Films


Zhu Shen, Ph.D., MBA

Chief Executive Officer
San Diego, California

Email: bioforesight at gmail dot com
Tel: 858-761-7955 Twitter

Biography of Zhu Shen, Ph.D. & MBA, CEO of BioForesight & Perry’s Previews:
Dr. Zhu Shen is an award-winning business leader, prolific author, speaker, and media personality. She is the CEO of BioForesight, a strategic consulting company providing licensing, partnering, investment advisory, outsourcing advisory, cross-cultural communication & negotiation training, and media/public relations services to clients in globally, with a focus on cross-Pacific life science and clean tech sectors.

Dr. Shen enjoys working with her son Perry in all of his creative endeavors, including writing movie reviews, drawing/painting, writing poetry, folding origami, and experimenting science.  She finds great joy in uncovering and cultivating Perry’s many natural talents, and hopes to inspire other parents and educators to do the same.  She and Perry are working on a book to teach kids how to write “Perrific!” movie reviews.

Dr. Shen is also the CEO of Perry’s Previews, editor, photographer, videographer of Perry’s content, most recently executive producer and co-producer of Perry’s animation short: Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest, a 5-min educational short about a young Jewish girl’s survival during the Holocaust based on the true story of the actress Ingrid Pitt’s childhood, in partnership with Oscar-nominated animator Bill Plympton:

(movie preview, featuring Perry, Bill Plympton, director Kevin Sean Michaels, co-producer Jud Newborn)

(Toon Boom Animation: Producing a First Animated Short at 10 Years Old)

(San Diego Channel 6 interview of Perry Chen, Bill Plympton, Kevin Sean Michaels, Zhu Shen about Beyond the Forest, July 22, 2010)

Dr. Shen manages Perry’s media and event appearances, speaking engagement, corporate sponsorship, commercial work, and business deals.  She is interested in helping filmmakers from across the Pacific get their films distributed in other markets.

Dr. Shen is known as “The Queen of Networking” for developing an extensive network of global leaders in film, entertainment, media, marketing, non-profit organizations, investment, and life science industries. Her popular educational DVD “The Art & Science of Networking & Social Media” has been praised by Cornell University Johnson School Dean Joseph Thomas, Best-selling China business book author and Beijing-based journalist Ted Plafker, BIOCOM CEO Joseph Panetta, and more.  More info:

Dr. Shen is a frequent contributor to life science publications such as Pharmaceutical Executive, PharmAsia News, The Scientist, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), Ernst & Young Global Pharmaceutical Reports, and BioExecutive International.

Dr. Shen has been featured on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, Business Week, Fox News, Los Angeles Times, Pharmaceutical Executive, China Economic Review, Genetic Engineering News, Cornell Enterprise, San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego Business Journal, Voice of San Diego, Asia Talk Radio, and ASIA Media.

Dr. Shen is a member of  “China Speakers Bureau” and sits on the Editorial Advisory Board of PharmAsia News.  She is Vice Chairman and serves on the Board of Directors of Sino-American Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SABPA), the largest and most influential Chinese American life science professional organization in Southern California. She also serves on the BIOCOM Asia Task Force Steering Committee, the Athena San Diego Bioscience Committee.

Dr. Shen is involved in various non-profit and charitable organizations.  She is the Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board of the America Chinese Culture & Education Foundation (ACCEF), a San Diego-based charity organization that raises funds to build new elementary schools for under-privileged children in rural China.  She is also on the board of directors of Asian Art Coordinating Council.

Dr. Shen was honored with the Annual Asian Heritage Award in 2006 and the SABPA Achievement Award in 2006 and 2007.  She was also nominated for the annual Athena Pinnacle Award in 2007, 2008, and 2009; and the San Diego Business Journal’s “Women Who Mean Business Award” in 2008.

Dr. Shen received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado, her MBA from the Johnson School at Cornell University.  She attended Peking University and Peking Union Medical College in China, the latter founded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

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