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Perry Chen interviews director Jason Gnerre@ San Diego Film Festival 9-27-09

Published on: 27th September, 2009

Perry Chen@ San Diego Film Festival 9-26-09

Perry Chen@ San Diego Film Festival 9-26-09

Perry Chen interviews Jason Gnerre@ SD Film Festival 9-27-09

Perry Chen interviews Jason Gnerre@ SD Film Festival 9-27-09

Watch Perry’s interview with Director Jason Gnerre on YouTube:

Perry Chen attended the 2009 San Diego Film Festival daily from Sep 23 to 27, meeting and interviewing many filmmakers.  On the last day of the festival, he screened Local Love – San Diego Shorts 1 and 2, and interviewed director Jason Gnerre, whose 3-min animated short captured Perry’s imagination.

After the screening, Perry interviewed Jason one-on-one, Jason’s girlfriend Tina was there to chime in during the Q&A.  Jason was impressed with Perry’s questions and keen observation.

From the film’s website:



A young pet bird, envious of the free birds soaring outside his window, makes a daring escape from his cage. Once outside, he searches for happiness in the form of friendship, companionship, and independence. He discovers, through repeated difficulties and setbacks, that the outside world is not what he dreamt it would be, and that all he ever needed to be happy was inside his birdcage all along.


“During the months it took me to draw “From Under the Birdcage” my feelings about it changed several times. There were elements of the original script that I was forced to abandon or change, and in the process it made me discover the true essence of the film. In the end, this film became an exploration of the themes of envy, regret, and discontent, but in a simple and farcical way.

I tried to challenge myself when it came to the aesthetics of the film. I was drawn to filmmaking from a fine arts point of view and I really wanted to test the limits of my abilities as an animator. I learned many new techniques and methods along the way, and pushed my modest home computers to the absolute limit.

Ultimately, though, I want the film to entertain. Metaphors aside, this is really just the story of a foolish little bird, and I hope others will enjoy it as much as I have.”

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