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“Local resident’s career as film critic continues to expand” San Diego Ranch Coast News July 30, 2009 feature

Published on: 31st July, 2009

Perry Chen at "Perry Previews the Movies" radio show pilot at wsRadio

Perry Chen at "Perry Previews the Movies" radio show pilot at wsRadio

Carmel Valley News, Del Mar Village Voice, Rancho Santa Fe Review            July 30, 2009

Local Resident’s Career as Film Critic Continues to Expand
By Austin Evans, intern

Most 9-year-olds go to the movies to eat popcorn and zone out for a couple hours. Not Perry Chen.  At just 9 years of age, Perry, a Torrey Hills resident, has already established himself as an accomplished film critic, and has been featured time and time again in the media, both in print and on television.  Having already written more than 20 film reviews since last November, Perry is now being recognized as a prodigy of sorts.  His fame, which was once just local, is now spreading nationwide with the help of numerous projects and appearances he has lined up for the near future.

Fox 5 San Diego will feature Perry for the third time at 7:50 am on Friday, July 31, in a drive-in movie critic feature.  He will be reviewing Disney’s newest animated film “G-Force,” a kids’ action adventure flick about highly trained guinea pig spies.

Also on July 31, Perry will speak at the San Diego International Children’s Film Festival, which will take place from July 24 through August 16.  Perry’s speech, which will mark the beginning of the Chinese portion of the festival, will be given in the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park at 1 pm.

By now, Perry is no stranger to being under the spotlight.  He was recently invited to attend the Disney Fan Expo, an event which will be held from Sept. 10 – Sept. 13 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif.  Interviews are to be scheduled between Perry and filmmakers at the expo, a prospect that excites both Perry and his mother greatly.  Various publicists, film organizations and more have also expressed interest in working with Perry, according to his mother, Dr. Zhu Shen.

“I think there are a lot of wonderful things awaiting him,” she said.

Perry will attend and speak at a fundraiser held by Lifestyles INFOCUS and all proceeds will benefit the Poway Unified School District Foundation.  Meanwhile, he has his very own radio show in the works on

Perry will also be present at the San Diego Asian Film Festival in October, where he will interview filmmakers live.

“I find that Perry has gained a lot of confidence in himself and with others since he started doing reviews,” said Shen.  “I’ve seen a lot of positive changes in him.”

No one can say for certain what Perry’s future holds, but there is no doubt that it is bright.  He has already expressed interest in writing a short film script before possibly moving on to writing entire screenplays.

“You need to climb some smaller hills before climbing Everest,” he explained to his mother.

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