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Child Animator/Film Critic Perry Chen Featured on New Book “A Parent’s Guide to Raising CEO Kids”

Published on: 2nd September, 2011

"A Parent's Guide to Raising CEO Kids" Book Cover (Perry Chen 4th Right)

Child Animator/Film Critic Perry Chen Featured on New Book “The Parent’s Guide to Raising CEO Kids”

Press release  Sep 2, 2011

(San Diego) 11-yr-old award-winning film critic, animator, TEDx speaker and entertainment personality Perry Chen is featured in a new book about entrepreneurial children and parenting.  “The Parent’s Guide to Raising CEO Kids,” authored by Sarah & Jerry Cook, is published on Sep 1, 2011, featuring interviews of over 100 young entrepreneurs and their parents about their journey into their own businesses.

Animtor Perry Chen & Producer mom Zhu Shen with their film "Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest" DVD

Sarah Cook interviewed Perry Chen and his mom & film producer Dr. Zhu Shen in 2010 about how Perry became a child film critic and how his mom supported and nurtured his talents in art, writing, speaking and animation.  Perry’s fellow 2010 TEDx Redmond speaker Jason O’Neill and organizer Adora Svitak are also featured in the book.

Perry Chen with "The Parent's Guide to Raising CEO Kids" book

Since writing his first movie review at 8 in 3rd grade, Perry now writes for multiple media outlets, as well as his own Perry’s Previews (, with a combined readership of over 2 million worldwide.

Perry’s new adventure into animation and filmmaking has taken him to LA Shorts Fest, Comic-Con where his first animation short “Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest” about a young Holocaust survivor, in collaboration with Oscar-nominee Bill Plympton, premiered in July 2011.  The film has received rave reviews and is in the official selection of the upcoming Burbank International Film Festival on Sep 17, 2011: (Burbank Festival, Sep 17, 2011 program) (Burbank Film Festival press release, Sep 2011)

Sarah Cook and her husband Jerry started their company Raising CEO kids in their journey to support their own three young entrepreneur children.

The book is available on Raising CEO Kids website and Amazon:

A special sale on Labor Day (Sep 5, 2011):

on Amazon:


Perry Chen started reviewing movies and family-friendly entertainment with his unique, kids-friendly starfish rating system at 8 in third grade.  He writes movie reviews for the San Diego Union Tribune, Animation World Network (AWN); Amazing Kids!, and his own Perry’s Previews website, with a combined readership of over 2 million.  He became a national sensation with his network TV debut on CBS Evening News as the youngest film critic in 2009 and has since appeared on numerous national and international media, including NPR, CNN, Variety, the Guardian, spoke at a TEDx conference, and presented at Annie Awards for Animation.

Perry won a prestigious “San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism Award” in 2010 and is the youngest honoree of Cox Communications’ annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  He regularly interviews filmmakers and stars on the red carpet and film events.  Perry started drawing when he was three, and frequently gets inspiration from nature. He has won numerous art awards and started learning computer animation using Toon Boom Studio software in November 2010. More info:

(Animation World Network: The Holocaust Through the Eyes of a Child – Animated by a Child)

For more info and to donate and support this film, visit the official website:

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For media and business inquiries, contact Zhu Shen, 858-761-7955,

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