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ASIFA Hollywood Screening of “Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest” & “Adventures in Plymptoons”

Published on: 2nd August, 2011

ASIFA Hollywood President Frank Gladstone introducting Perry Chen on stage (photo by Young Man Kang)

ASIFA Hollywood Screening of “Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest” July 28, 2011

Woodbury University, Burbank


11-yr-old animator & film critic Perry Chen and his producer mom Zhu Shen attended a special ASIFA-Hollywood screening of their animation short “Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest” about a young Holocaust survivor at Woodbury University in Burbank on July 28, 2011, following the successful premiere of the film at LA Shorts Fest and Comic-Con on July 23/24, 2011.  Perry’s collaborator, animation legend Bill Plympton’s documentary “Adventures in Plymptoons” was screened as well.

Perry was introduced on stage by ASIFA Hollywood president Frank Gladstone for a Q&A before “Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest” was screened.  Perry and his parents met Frank in June 2011 before attending the Student Academy Awards.  Frank has been an animator animator, producer, director, writer and teacher, and has worked for the feature animation divisions at Disney, Warner Bros. and DreamWorks among others. He is currently president of his own animation consulting firm, Gladstone Film, Inc.

Frank Gladstone with Perry Chen on stage to introduce "Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest" (photo by Young Man Kang)

Frank Gladstone with Perry Chen on stage at ASIFA-Hollywood screening

Frank Gladstone drawing cartoon for Perry Chen with Changyou Chen (Perry's dad) watching, June 2011 (photo by Zhu Shen)

Perry showing "Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest" DVD to audience (photo by Young Man Kang)

Perry Chen & mom Zhu Shen with Perry's Thank-you card (photo by Young Man Kang)


Many people who were featured in “Adventures in Plymptoons” attended the screening and appeared on stage with Bill Plympton for a lively Q&A with the audience.  They are Tom Sito, Maureen Whelan, Jerry Beck, and the singer/composer Smokey Miles of the Bill Plympton theme song in the documentary.

Bill Plympton with Tom Sito, Maureen Whelan, Jerry Beck on stage Q&A after "Adventures in Plymptoons" screening (photo by Zhu Shen)

Bill Plympton with Jerry Beck, Alexia Anastasio, singer Smokey Miles, Frank Gladstone Q&A (photo by Zhu Shen)

Frank Gladstone & Tom Sito with Perry Chen (photo by Zhu Shen)


Perry and Zhu were delighted to see their friends at the screening, including Dani Bowman, a talented autistic teenage animator & artist, her uncle Patrick & aunt Sandy, the Korean director of the “Kimchee Warrior” animation series, Young Man Kang, who took many photos for Perry, and cartoon character Norky’s creator Steve Allgeier.  Many new fans bought the Thank-You card with animals designed by Perry who autographed the cards.  Bill Plympton did free drawings (dog or cow) for everyone who attended the screening.

Dani Bowman (teenage animator & artist), Perry Chen, mom Zhu Shen, Young Man Kang, Patrick Eidenmiller (photo by Sandy Vielma)


Perry Chen with voice actor Byron Wagner (photo by Zhu Shen)

Perry Chen signing thank-you cards for fans next to Bill Plympton (photo by Zhu Shen)

Perry Chen signing thank-you card for Norky creator Steve Allgeier (photo by Zhu Shen)

Perry Chen with Norky creator Steve Allgeier & friend (photo by Zhu Shen)

Perry Chen with fan Caroline (photo by Zhu Shen)


It was a lovely evening with a captive audience who are passionate about animation.


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Perry Chen started reviewing movies and family-friendly entertainment with his unique, kids-friendly starfish rating system at 8 in third grade.  He writes movie reviews for the San Diego Union Tribune, Animation World Network (AWN); Amazing Kids!, and his own Perry’s Previews website, with a combined readership of over 2 million.  He became a national sensation with his network TV debut on CBS Evening News as the youngest film critic in 2009 and has since appeared on numerous national and international media, including NPR, CNN, Variety, the Guardian, spoke at a TEDx conference, and presented at Annie Awards for Animation.

Perry won a prestigious “San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism Award” in 2010 and is the youngest honoree of Cox Communications’ annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  He regularly interviews filmmakers and stars on the red carpet and film events.  Perry started drawing when he was three, and frequently gets inspiration from nature. He has won numerous art awards and started learning computer animation using Toon Boom Studio software in November 2010.  His animation short “Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest” in collaboration with Oscar-nominee Bill Plympton premiered at LA Shorts Fest and Comic-Con in July 2011, and received rave reviews from filmmakers, animators, and the Holocaust education community nationwide.

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