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“An Ebert in Training” Salutes to his Idol: “Ebert Presents At the Movies” Debuts on PBS Jan 21, 2011

Published on: 21st January, 2011

"Ebert@ work" by Perry S. Chen, Copyright 2010. Do Not Use without Permission

“An Ebert in Training” Salutes to his Idol: “Ebert Presents At the Movies” Debuts on PBS Jan 21, 2011

10-year-old award-winning film & entertainment critic, animator Perry Chen is looking forward to watching his idol, renowned film critic Roger Ebert appearing on his first TV show “Ebert Presents At the Movies” on PBS TV tonight (Friday Jan 11, 2011), after battling cancer and recovering from multiple surgeries.  The shows official website below says the show will be streamed world-wide, check your local PBS stations for showtime.  Two young co-hosts, Christy Lemire, film critic from Associated Press, and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky of (Show official website) (AP: Roger Ebert returns with new PBS review show) (Ebert’s Chicago Suntimes Column)

Perry enjoys reading movie reviews by Ebert, and often tells reporters and TV hosts that Ebert is one of his favorite film critics he looks up to.  Perry can be a tough critic to win over if a film falls short.  He has given 1.5 and even zero starfish (his signature kids-friendly rating system) to some films that he thought were lacking in the four key ingredients he looks for in a “Perrific!” movie: interesting storyline, rich and colorful characters, great visuals, and most importantly, a powerful moral.

“I don’t feel bad when I do that, because critics are supposed to express their true feelings and opinions,”  says Perry.  “Just like Roger Ebert; it’s purely constructive criticism.”  Perry remarks that he always try to be fair and give reasons for his starfish rating (good and bad), and even suggestions as to how the film can be made better.

The pint-sized critic from San Diego has been called “An Ebert in Training” by the San Diego Union Tribune on March 27, 2010 before Perry’s interview with NPR host Liane Hansen aired the following day.

San Diego Union Tribune called Perry Chen "An Ebert in Training" (left lower panel)

The San Diego’s largest newspaper with over one million readers also featured Perry on the front page the previous year when he became the youngest credentialed press invited to the Disney D23 Expo in September 2009.  Perry is thrilled to be invited by the San Diego Union Tribune to join its movie panel and write about movies a year after being featured there!

Perry Chen on San Diego Union Tribune "Little Critic Has Big Vision" September 12, 2009

(Perry Chen to write about movies for top San Diego newspaper, the San Diego Union Tribune, Oct 1, 2010)

Perry’s reviews of Tangled and Waiting for “Superman” were published in November and October 2010: (Tangled) (Waiting for “Superman”)

Perry also has a movie/entertainment review column on San Diego Entertainer Magazine since July 2010, for which he writes not only movie reviews, but also reviews restaurant, film festival and events such as Comic-Con:

Perry has been a media magnet, being featured on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, NPR, Variety, The Young Icons TV show, NBC Los Angeles, and invited to speak about “For the Love of Movies” at the TEDx Redmond conference as the youngest speaker to a cheering crowd of over 800 (mostly kids) in September 2010 at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington.

Perry and his producer mom Dr. Zhu Shen are featured on website (which Ebert show co-host Ignatiy Vishnevetsky writes for) for an interview with Film Courage, hosted by David Branin and Karen Worden:

Perry is eager to learn more about the art of movie critique, learning from critics such as Roger Ebert, and getting advice from another renowned film critic Leonard Maltin, who suggested that Perry start watching older, classic films and learn the history of filmmaking from the golden age of cinema.  Perry watched Casablanca last Christmas with mom for the first time, and gave the film that Leonard Maltin called “The Best Hollywood Film of All Time” a first-ever “Perrific Squared” rating.

On February 5, 2011, Perry and his mom will cover the Annie Awards for Animation in Hollywood for Animation World Network, Amazing Kids, and his own “Perry’s Previews.” Perry was the first child film critic to be invited to present at the Annie Awards in 2010, where he was introduced on stage by host William Shatner, and interviewed the Oscar-winning director Pete Docter of Up for the second time, watch videos:

(37th Annie Awards presenter Perry Chen)

(Perry interviews director Pete Docter of Up)

Check back for Perry’s Annie Awards and Oscar predictions for best animation.


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