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40 Kids Won Amazing Kids! Perrific Oscar® Picks Contest! 11-yr-old Ryan Traynor Won the Grand Prize!

Published on: 2nd March, 2011

Amazing Kids! Perrific Oscar® Picks Contest Winners!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the 40 (yes, 40!) WINNERS of the
Amazing Kids! Perrific Oscar® Picks Contest!

Read the WINNERS’ NAMES below!

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Ryan Traynor, age 11, of Emerald Hills, California

Here is Ryan’s grand prize award-winning 50-words -or-less essay about why he predicted Toy Story 3 would win the Oscar:

“Balancing dozens of characters, it still manages to make them funny, meaningful and touching.  The animation was vivid, the voices expressive and the storyline deep, touching and hopeful.  Showing that true friendship and a real “family” are what is important, Toy Story 3 will win the Oscars and beyond.”

Ryan will receive DVDs of all three Oscar®-Nominated Films, including How to Train Your Dragon, The Illusionist, and the Oscar winner, Toy Story 3.

Way to go, Ryan!!!

CONTEST WINNERS! Each winner will receive a DVD of a copy of either Academy Award winner Toy Story 3, or Academy Award Nominee How to Train Your Dragon!

  1. Gemrisha Anantham;  Chennai, India
  2. Karen Barrera;   Los Angeles,   CA
  3. Zoe Bennett;   Malvern,   PA
  4. Kimberly Castillo;   Los Angeles,   CA
  5. Kaitlyn Collings;   Fallbrook.   CA
  6. Tegen Crook;   Kent , United Kingdom
  7. Lynsey Eggleton;   Hull, United Kingdom
  8. Jacy Elizondo;  Lake Forest Park,   WA
  9. Hampton Gaddy;   Bloomfield,   NJ
  10. Wilson Gustaveson; Melissa, TX
  11. Tess Harmon; Joplin, MO
  12. Iain Hutchinson; San Diego, CA
  13. Laura Jang; San Diego, CA
  14. Daneya Jeffers;  Delran, NJ
  15. Nicolas Kadharmestan; Shoreline, WA
  16. Bridget Kane; Lawrenceville, NJ
  17. Aditi Laddha; Indore, India
  18. Alyssa Liljequist; Newberg, OR
  19. Will Lourcey; Fort Worth, TX
  20. Kylie Ma Suy; Chula Vista, CA
  21. Connor Martin, Camarillo, CA
  22. Alexandria Miller, Carlsbad, CA
  23. Meghan McGregor, Mississauga, Canada
  24. Monika Nikicicz; Sugar Land, TX
  25. Mohit Panjwani; Thane, India
  26. Dru Payne, The Plains, OH
  27. Reilly Pfeiffer, Waunakee, WI
  28. Pratistha Phukan, Guwahati, India
  29. Anni Racibarskas, Shoreline, WA
  30. Zander Rice; San Diego, CA
  31. Danielle Sanchez; Largo, FL
  32. Caitlyn Schroeder; St. Petersburg, FL
  33. Sabrina Sloan, Miami, FL
  34. Joshua Smith; Hillsboro, OR
  35. Tasha Sussman; Moss East, Greenwich, RI
  36. Sidra Zarafshan Syeeda;  Kowloon, Hong Kong
  37. Jason Testa; Farmingdale, NY
  38. Vaishnav Tripathi; New Delhi, India
  39. Jeena White, Rochester, NY
  40. Joseph Zhong; Omaha, NE

Congratulations again!!!

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